Peanut's record-breaking income of 35,000 times: Record-breaking price of 30 to 15 per quintal

Jamnagar Dt 26: Farmers were informed to bring their quantity of groundnuts at the Hapa Marketing Yard in Jamnagar during the period from midnight to 5 am, during which a record-breaking 6 vehicles have received 5,000 groundnuts. As there is no space in the marketing yard at present, farmers will not be called for five days. Also, during the auction process, a record break of peanuts has been auctioned and the price of 20 kg (one mound) of peanuts has been quoted from Rs. The farmers are happy with this, and the farmers' Diwali has finally improved.

The Jamnagar Agricultural Produce Market Committee had called the farmers at Hapa Yard to bring the quantity of groundnuts in open auction and the time was given from 12 noon to 5 am. During the period during which the farmers of Jamnagar taluka came with 3 vehicles, a total record breaking income of 3 thousand peanuts has been collected. So that the farmers are not called to the Hapa Marketing Yard for five days, the auction process will be completed by then. The auction process was started in the open market at Hapa Marketing Yard from 10 am today and the price of 20 kg (one mound) of groundnut was quoted at a record high of Rs 30 to Rs 15. Farmers are reluctant to sell groundnuts at support prices as they are getting good prices at Rs 15.