Purchase of groundnuts at support price started in Dwarka district

Khambhaliya Dt 26: Purchasing of groundnuts at support price has started in Dwarka district. But with higher prices in the open market, there has been some resilience.

The Government of Gujarat had initiated proceedings for purchase of groundnuts at support price in the state. In connection with which more than 60 thousand registrations have been done in Dwarka district. Today, on the first day of purchase of groundnut support price, there was no excellence among the farmers. By noon, only two farmers came to Khambhaliya, so the registration purchase staff was sitting!

With the government's market price of Rs 103 to Rs 1,100-1,150 in the open market and it is more beneficial to take the rupee in the open than to jump in support, there is a reluctance among the people to stay ahead, which is not surprising.