Eight thousand two thousand students in Dwarka district. No entry in 9th: Special campaign launched

Khambhaliya Dt 26: Devbhoomi Dwarka district by conducting a special campaign by the district education officer. About two thousand students who have passed Std. Efforts have been made to get admission in 8th.

Devbhoomi in Dwarka district. Passed from 8 Std. A special campaign has been launched by District Education Officer Bhavsinh Vadher to check for such untracked students and get them admitted in schools. From the primary schools of Dwarka district, Std. The list of students who have passed 9th and the list with their contact number has been delivered to the principals of the nearby secondary schools along with the list. From this list, the principals are appealed to make arrangements for the students to get admission by removing what is the problem and if there is any problem. Devabhoomi Dwarka Acharya Sangh's Ranabhai Gozia, Hitendrabhai Acharya, Jagmalbhai Bhetaria and K.D. Gokani has also appealed to all the principals of the district to make efforts for the students who are away from this admission so that if the students are stuck in school, their problem will be solved.