A quantity of suspicious wheat was seized from Khambhaliya

Jamnagar Dt 26: Police have seized a quantity of wheat from a godown of a trader in Khambhaliya sent for distribution from a cheap food shop. The supply department has been informed about the quantity of about 200 babies.

After receiving information that a suspicious quantity of wheat had fallen in a godown in Khambhaliya city, the local police yesterday searched the godown of an Assamese on the instructions of DYSP Hirendra Chaudhary. The police have found suspicious the quantity of wheat packed in about 200 batches of some of the wheat found in the godown. This amount is likely to be the amount to be given to the card holders in the Pandit Deendayal Consumer Store (Government Store of Cheap Grains). Police have seized the quantity, reported it to the supply department and launched an investigation.