Measures against land mafias seeking to usurp religious-public space

Mamubhai Bhagat, a social leader of the area, took action against the land mafia for taking possession of the land worth crores of rupees on the Khambhaliya railway station road, which was earlier a public purpose land like Dharamshala and Pani Aveda. District Collector, District Police Head and City Survey Supr. A complaint has been lodged with the chief officer of the corporation and the officer of the pit.

Res. Urgent action has been demanded against the action being taken on land intended for religious and water avedas in 2010 when the land mafia was forcing it.

It may be mentioned here that this valuable land had earlier been seized and offered for sale by a Jamnagar trader who was later stopped by Uhapoh after which the activity resumed and the social leaders complained to the Tantra.