Knife, hammer attack on every GIDC worker for not making jokes

Jamnagar Dt 26: A foreign worker of every GIDC in Jamnagar has been attacked by another worker with a knife and a hammer, telling him not to joke at night and to go to bed. An elderly man was attacked with a baseball bat in a riverbed, police said in a statement.

Plot No. in every GIDC Phase-2 near Jamnagar. Ashish Chhotelal Jatav, a native of Khudari village in Jalon district of Uttar Pradesh, was attacked by a man named Sudama Asaram Kushwaha with a knife and a hammer on Saturday night. This time, Vicky Parashuram, who was trying to save Ashish, was also stabbed with a hammer and a knife. Both the injured have been shifted to treatment.

Ashish has lodged a complaint in Panchkoshi B Division regarding the above matter. According to him, while Sudama and others were making fun of him, Ashish attacked him saying that night has fallen, he is asleep, don't shout.

An old man named Rustamminya Kadarminya Barruni was attacked by a man named Mushtaq Musabhai with a baseball bat in the Rangmati river under the Subhash Bridge in Jamnagar city last Thursday. On Friday, while sitting on the porch watching a cricket match on his mobile, Rustamminya and his two sons lodged a complaint alleging assault.