Seven caught gambling in Dhrafa seam: two escaped

Jamnagar Dt 26: Police raided a house in Dhrafa of Jamjodhpur on Saturday evening and caught seven persons playing Tinpatti. Two punters saw the police and fled. Seven women from Lalpur society were caught gambling with marijuana yesterday and five card lovers were arrested by the police. A total of Rs 1.5 lakh has been seized from the three places.

Shethwadala police's PSI found some persons sitting near Paneli Darwaza in Dhrafa village of Jamjodhpur taluka on Saturday afternoon. The raid was carried out by AD Wala and staff. From there were Yogesh Nathalal Faldu of Paneli village, Manjibhai Palabhai Bedwa of Mandasan village, Deepak Arjanbhai Bokhani of Bodi village of Kalawad, Kiransinh Anubha Jadeja of Dhrafa, Kantibhai Jethabhai Bokhani of Bodi village, Yunus Ibrahim Mamtora of Padwala village and Shamash Kutna.

Police recovered Rs. 1500 cash, marijuana, five mobiles, two motorcycles found, total Rs. Muddamal of 200 has been seized. Jaipal Singh Danubha Jadeja and Arif Walimamad Sama of Dhrafa village fled after seeing the police. The search for both of them has begun.

Jayotsnaben Mohanbhai Patel, Maliben Rajsibhai Ahir, Jamilaben Ishakbhai Sandhi, Hansaben Vasantlal Gosai, Bhavshanbhai Patel Seven women named Tribhovanbhai Somaiya were found. Police recovered Rs. 120 cash has been seized and action has been taken under section 17 of the Gambling Act.

Navneet Laxmanbhai Patel, Chandubhai Harkhabhai Patel, Tulsibhai Bhagwanji Patel, Raju Mohanbhai Mandlia and Ashok Punjabhai Patel from Jamnagar were arrested by the police for beating them with marijuana. 16030 cash has been seized from the belt.