A trip to Bhuvan's house to fulfill the dream of a merry family in Dwarka

Devbhoomi Dwarka district is located in the northwestern part of Saurashtra. Devbhoomi Dwarka district is a leading district in the entire Saurashtra Kutch region in terms of mythology, history, archeology, social, economic and agriculture. Devbhoomi is a well known pilgrimage site in Dwarka taluka of Dwarka district. The temple of Dwarkadhish here has five floors and very beautiful carvings. Devotees enter this temple through the Swargadwara according to a special structure and exit the temple through Moksha Dwara. Mojap (Lalsinghpur) is a small village in Dwarka taluka of Dwarka district. Which is about 15 km from Dwarka. Located at a distance of no.

The village has about 3 mud houses out of a population of about 50. For the last many years, the people living in these mud houses have been making a living by doing farm work and labor. Most of the people dream of having their own pucca house to withstand the possible consequences in bad weather and season but due to poverty they could not build pucca houses.

According to Kubha's Nanabha Lakhmabha beneficiary, the beneficiary did not have adequate accommodation to live in before the housing was approved. Their situation was bad because they were from a poor family. They have lived in these raw houses for the last many years and it was extremely difficult for them to withstand the bad climate and the possible consequences of the season.

But under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, housing was sanctioned during the year 2016-20, according to the data of Kubha's Nanabha Lakhmabha beneficiary. Which has made them dwell. As per the prevailing norms, each such beneficiary has been provided Rs. Under this scheme, they have been paid a wage of Rs. 1500 under MGNREGA. And 15,000 for toilets will be paid separately.

At present his condition is very good. They have realized their dream of a permanent home. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana also provided them with adequate employment along with housing. The Taluka Development Officer, the staff of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and the Sarpanch and Talati Kam Mantri together gave the necessary information of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana to the villagers. He also informed the people that not a single family of the beneficiaries would be left under this scheme. So the dream of providing shelter to the needy is coming true.

Coordination: Ushabenkotak Assistant Director of Information Devbhoomi Dwarka