Arrest of a jeep driver who pretended to steal a farmer's money from Juanpar

JAMNAGAR Dt 26: A farmer from Juwanpar village in Kalyanpur sold cumin seeds in Rajkot yard and was returning in a jeep with the proceeds. The jeep driver came under suspicion while the police were conducting an investigation. He confessed to the theft during the police interrogation and removed the hidden case.

Devrambhai Jerambahi Dabhi (U.V. 3), a farmer from Juwanpur village in Kalyanpur taluka of Devbhoomi Dwarka district, decided to go to Rajkot Marketing Yard to sell the cumin grown in his farm and some other farmers' cumin on Friday. Was. Devarambhai had gone to Rajkot in this jeep numbered GJ-3-P-617.

In the marketing yard, they sell jirru for Rs. An amount of Rs. Devarambhai kept the amount in a yellow bag and asked the driver Hemant to go to Juwan. Meanwhile, at 10.30 pm, Devarambhai told them to have dinner at Kanaya Hotel near Khijariya Bypass and the two men went to the hotel. This time Devarambhai put his bag full of money under a sheet in the back seat of the jeep.

When the two men approached the jeep after the meal, the rear seat glass of the jeep was found broken. They lifted the sheet with a deep breath and looked down. So Devarambhai reported the matter to the Panchkoshi A Division Police Station and lodged a complaint. PSI D.P. Chudasama and Yashpalsinh, Virendrasinh, Maganbhai, Jignesh Wala, Sandeep Jarru of the staff started the investigation. Confessed. While eating, Hemant, who had asked to go to Hajat, got up, reached the jeep, picked up the bag after smashing the glass in his own jeep and hiding it in the nearby acacia bushes. Based on the above confession, Hemant was detained and the bag and the entire amount were seized from the acacia net. An offer to remand the accused has been made.