Lawyer Ketanbhai Dodhia donating plasma

JAMNAGAR Dt 26: The city's famous 'Corona Savior Group' is still committed to keep the flame of plasma donation awareness shining even in the midst of declining corona cases in the city of Jamnagar and spreading the scent of good deeds and the fragrance of humanity. During the last 3 days, many people have donated their plasma through the motivation of the team members of this group. Inspired by the Savior Group, city legislator Ketanbhai Dodhia visited Ta. Once again (for the second time in 15 days) he has donated his plasma to GG Hospital on the occasion of his birthday on 9-10-2050. On this occasion, the pioneer of Corona Savior Group, city specialist orthopedic surgeon Dr. K.S. Maheshwari, well-known businessman Bipinbhai Kankhara, Dr. J. Vachani, Amarjit Singh were present. Ketanbhai Dodhia, who has a noble spirit that he can do something useful in saving someone's life, was sent heartfelt congratulations and happy birthday from 'Corona Savior Group'.