The identity of the young man who committed suicide in a rickshaw

Jamnagar Dt 26: Police have shifted the body of its driver, who was found dead in a rickshaw near Joggers Park in Jamnagar, to PM. The son of the deceased identified his father. A young man was found dead after consuming some poisonous drug from the back seat of a rickshaw parked near Joggers Park near Gurudattatreya temple in Jamnagar. When Jenny informed the police, the police took possession of the body. It was later revealed that the deceased was Anwarbhai Musabhai Chudasama, a resident of Krishnapark near Gulabnagar in Jamnagar. His son Akbar Chudasama, who came running, identified his father's body. Anwarbhai took a rickshaw from his house on Thursday afternoon. Police are investigating the circumstances under which the deceased committed suicide by consuming poisonous drug.