Gambling raid in Khambhaliya's Pipariya: Mehfil caught from Bhanwad's Jampar

Four arrested for gambling under streetlights in Bhanvad city

Jamnagar Dt 26: Police have caught three persons gambling in Pipariya village of Khambhaliya yesterday evening. The three have escaped. One of the arrested persons is the uncle of a member of the district panchayat while a gambling arena has been seized from Jampar in Bhanwad. Police have arrested six people from there and four card lovers from Bhanvad city have been arrested by the police. Rs. More than three lakh cases have been seized.

The police staff of Khambhaliya had carried out a raid yesterday evening after receiving information that gambling was taking place near a wadi in the Sani river bed at the seam of Pipariya village in Khambhaliya taluka. From there, three persons named Valabhai Nathabhai Bhan, Ajubhai Punabhai Gadhvi, Narrubhai Lakhmanbhai Gadhvi were found playing three cards. Mandan Mansur Gadhvi, Lakha Khimabhai Jogal and an unidentified person fled after seeing the police. Police recovered Rs. 2,500 cash, three motorcycles, two mobiles found, total Rs. Muddamal of 4,200 has been seized.

Among those caught gambling are Walabhai Nathabhai Bhan, uncle of District Panchayat member Mayurbhai Gadhvi and brother of Ram Natha Gadhvi of Khambhaliya.

The local PSI J.J. Naran Lakhabhai Ahir, Vajsi Markhibhai Kanara, Dinesh Gordhanbhai Patel, Mukesh Jadavbhai Sagar, Punabhai Ana were found gambling with marijuana after Amit Chandubhai Ghetia alias Munnabhai Patel raided the farm of Solanki and his staff. Police recovered Rs. 1,09,600 cash, six mobiles, motorcycle found, total Rs. Muddamal of Rs 3,01,600 has been seized and offenses have been registered against six under sections 4 and 5 of the Gambling Act.

Police arrested four persons named Kana Deva Amblia, Bhimsi Vejanand Karmur, Hamir Raidebhai Rawalia, Kamlesh Ramanikbhai Aparanathi while they were gambling with marijuana in the street lights of Siddhi Vinayak Society-2 in Bhanvad city on Saturday night. 10,050 cash, two mobiles have been seized.