Okha leader Mansukhbhai Barai's death in Rajkot due to corona: Mourning

Mobhi of Raghuvanshi community and involved in religious, political, service activities

Okha Dt 26: There is a feeling of mourning in Rajkot due to the demise of Mansukhbhai Barai, a leader of Okha and a leader of the Raghuvanshi community and associated with various service activities and religious-political organizations.

Mansukhbhai Barai (U.V. 20), a native of Okha, who was involved in the service of many public interests such as the leader of the Raghuvanshi community as well as political, social, commercial, educational and religious, passed away yesterday at Rajkot Sterling Hospital due to coronary infection.

Mansukhbhai Barai was associated with Okha Gram Panchayat, an organization of local self-government in Okha, from high level organizations of Gujarat State, Lohana Maha Parishad, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Vepari Mahamandal and others. He did a lot of good deeds, especially for the small class.

Mourning has spread across Saurashtra, including the entire Halar panth, over Saddagat's demise, and the business community, the Lohana community, and various organizations have expressed their grief.