SBI of Jamnagar Injustice against bank account holders

Jamnagar Dt 26: SBI of Jamnagar. Consumers have been annoyed by the recent decision taken by the government. Insisting to open a savings account in the branch near his residence, the bank has given bank accounts to several account holders of Udyognagar branch in one fell swoop. The plots have been shuffled to the branch. Thus, the rules have been violated by the bank itself. Harishbhai Mehta from Jamnagar has joined SBI. A letter has been sent to the lead bank manager stating that customers once needed to ask which branch is closest to you. The hasty decision to divert thousands of bank accounts to another branch in one fell swoop is a major setback for customers. Earlier, the people of Udyognagar area d. If the account was not allowed to be opened in Plot Bank branch then why the rule has changed now? Is the bank licensed to break the rules? Proper action is required in this regard.