In Jamnagar district, a small number of farmers reached the yard as they were getting higher prices in the open market than the support price

8 in Dhrol and only 18 in Kalawad Yard arrived with quantity: Extreme despair

Jamnagar Dt 26: In Jamnagar district, farmers did not even come to most of the centers to sell groundnuts at support price, and even in Dhrol-Kalavad yard only a few farmers arrived with quantity. Farmers are showing great frustration in selling groundnuts at support prices due to higher prices in the open market.

Purchasing of groundnuts at support price has started in Jamnagar district from today, and the government has invited 45 to 50 farmers to bring the quantity of groundnuts by SMS to different marketing yards, but the farmers in different marketing yards of the district have shown great reluctance to take the quantity of groundnuts. Did not come. In Kalawad alone 14 farmers while in Dhrol 4 farmers have brought quantity of groundnut and its verification process has been carried out.

The state government has started buying groundnuts at support prices from today, but farmers do not want to fall into the government spree as they are getting higher market prices of groundnuts in the open and getting cash, so most farmers have shown reluctance. A total of 20,400 farmers have registered in Jamnagar district, but farmers are rushing to sell groundnuts in the Oman market as the government price of groundnuts at support prices is more than 10p. At the Hapa Marketing Yard in Jamnagar, 75 farmers were called by SMS today, but not a single farmer came. Similarly, 50 farmers were called in Jamjodhpur, 50 in Lalpur and 50 in Jodia, but not a single farmer came.

Where the farmers came with the quantity, there was also a meager number. Fifty farmers were called in Kalawad out of which 16 farmers have brought their quantity of groundnuts. Whose peanuts are being tested by NAFED. Also in Dhrol, fifty farmers were called for purchase of groundnuts at support price, out of which 7 farmers have come, and their purchase process is being carried out. The government had announced recruitment of 50 kg, while there was talk of recruitment of Rs 80 kg in the yard, but the question is also being raised as the quantity of groundnuts of some farmers could not fit in the bags. However, the Jamnagar district administration is in the process of resolving the entire matter. According to the district supply officer, there is a bag with a load of 35 kg, so there will be no problem in the process of purchasing groundnuts. The peanut testing process has been expedited by the NAFED team. It is also stated that if the quantity is found to be appropriate after the completion of the verification, it will be procured with immediate effect.