Planning of the eighth tapa for the Jain community

Jamnagar Dt 26: 101st Punyatithi of Param Pujay Bal Brahmachari Bahushrut Jasaji Maharaj Saheb as well as Sushishya P.P. of Samay-Prabha-Zaver family. Dayabai Mahasatiji's eighth Punyatithi and Ba.Bra. On the occasion of the 18th Punyatithi of Pujay Bhanubhai Mahasatiji and the 8th Punyatithi of Sanghmata Hemlataba, the eighth tapa has been organized by Jayasukhlal Mansukhlal Waljibhai Shah (Hansanghmata Parivar) for the entire Jain community.

Eighth penance on 9-11-2040 from Thursday to 5-11-2030 on Saturday. Pushpabai MS, Kundanbai MS, and Harshabai MS. Whose refusal can be taken from the place where the saints are sitting. The ascetics who want to join this tapa have given their names in the service organization phone no. ૭૫૬૭૮ has been asked to write