Bikemaker's death in a strange accident

Jamnagar Dt 13: A motorcyclist has been killed in a freak accident that took place near the sitting bridge of the river Sani near Rawal in Kalyanpur yesterday.

A young man named Hirabhai Koli, a resident of Rawal village in Kalyanpur taluka, was crossing the Sani river bridge yesterday morning when a GJ-37 T 122-bound Rickshaw was tied behind the rickshaw miller. After the rickshaw fell off the rickshaw and it was standing in the middle of the road, the black motorcyclist later fell off the bridge after colliding with it. At this point, a piece of wood falling under the bridge had penetrated the belly of the blackhead struck from above. The severely injured blackbird died from the crossing. Police have registered a case against a rickshaw driver on the complaint of his wife Manjuben.