Saffron again in Jamnagar: BJP takes over Manpa again

According to the results announced by noon, the lotus blossomed in 4 out of 6 seats

Jamnagar Dt 23: After the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation election, the counting of votes has been going on since this morning. According to reports received by noon, BJP has won 4 out of 6 seats, so saffron is flying again in Jamnagar Municipal Corporation.

Jamnagar is once again rife with saffron and the BJP is in the fray to take the helm of power in the corporation.

First, the result of ward number five was declared and the entire BJP panel was declared the winner. By noon, the BJP has won 4 out of the total 6 seats in the city. In other words, it has been decided that the BJP will once again rule. At present, the Congress has won five seats and the BSP three.

The city Congress president as well as the former deputy mayor and AAP candidate have been defeated, while ward no. 3 has been badly upset and three BSP candidates have emerged victorious.

The counting of votes was held at Hariya College today after 58.6 per cent polling was held on Sunday for 4 seats in 18 wards of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation. In the last elections of 2015, the BJP had won 9 seats, while the results of 9 seats in 11 wards have been declared by 1 pm today.

First of all, the result of ward number five was declared and the entire BJP panel was the winner there. Here BJP's Kishan Madam, Ashish Joshi, Sarojben Virani and Binaben Kothari waved the victory flag.

After this, the entire BJP panel has won in Ward No. 8 and all the four candidates Dharminaben Sodha, Kusumben Pandya, Dhiren Monani and Nilesh Kagathara have become the winners.

In ward no. 12, the BJP panel is broken and the BJP has won three seats and the Congress one. Three BJP candidates Ketan Nakhava, Babitaben Lalvani and Pravinaben Rupadia and Congress' Dhawal Nanda have emerged victorious.

After this, the entire Congress panel in Ward No. 1 has become the winner. In which Samjuben Pariya, Jabedaben Notiyar, Paleja Nurmamad and Kasam Jiva Jokhia have become the winners.

While BSP has got three seats in ward no. This has created a huge upset in this ward. Three BSP candidates Kurkan Sheikh, Jyotiben Bharwadia and Rahul Boricha have emerged victorious, while BJP's Jasuba Zala has emerged the winner. Thus the BJP panel is broken here.

BJP's saffron is also flying in ward no. 14 and the entire panel has become the winner. The winners are Shardaben Vinzda, Lilaben Bhadra, Jitesh Shingala and Manish Kataria.

Similarly, in ward no. 10 too, the BJP panel has become the winner. The four BJP candidates here are Ashaben Rathore, Krishnaben Sodha, Mukeshbhai Matang and Parth Jethwa. Similarly, the entire BJP panel in ward number seven has also won. In which Labhuben Bandhiya, Prabhaben Gorecha, Arvindbhai Sabhaya and Gopal Sorathia have become the winners.

The entire BJP panel has also won in ward number two. Congress city president Digubha Jadeja has been defeated here. BJP's Kripaben Bharai, Dimpleben Rawal, Jayendrasinh Zala (Hakabhai) and Jayarajsinh Jadeja are the winners.

After this ward no. The result of 3 was declared and this ward which is considered as the stronghold of BJP was retained by BJP and the entire panel won. Sonalben Kanjariya, Triptiben Khetiya, Ketan Gosrani and Divyesh Akbari are the winners.

When ward no. There is a huge upset in 15. And BJP candidates Shobhanaben Pathan, Harshaba Jadeja and Jyantibhai Gohil, while Congress' Anand Rathore has emerged victorious, while Mariamben Sumra, Devashi Ahir and Shitalben Vaghela have lost.

Ward no. Harshaben Virsodia, Tarunaben Parmar, Dharmaraj Singh Jadeja and Tapan Parmar are the four candidates from the 11th BJP panel.

Ward no. BJP's panel has become the winner in the 8th. The four BJP candidates here are Alkaba Jadeja, Pannaben Kataria, Parag Patel and Subhash Joshi.

In ward no. 12, BJP's panel of 6 candidates Gitaba Jadeja, Bhartiben Bhanderi, Vinod Khimsuriya and Parth Kotdia have won.