Khambhaliya: Farmer's application on land issue in Ramnagar area: Threat of self-extinction

Khambhaliya Dt. 30: Khodalbhai Velji Kanzaria etc., living in Ramnagar area of ​​Khambhaliya, submitted an application to the District Collector and demanded action if the Mamlatdar had given notice to vacate the land owned by him.

It is stated in the application form that R.S.No. He has owned land out of 212 for 40 years, and the Mamlatdar has also appealed to the Collector against the land order. However, notices are issued by the Mamlatdar stating that he was forced. An interim stay has also been obtained from the Khambhaliya court on the land issue. These details have been revealed to the Mamlatdar.

It has also been threatened that if proper action is not taken on this land, it will inevitably commit suicide.

Government land is the explanation of Mamlatdar

Contacting Mamlatdar Lukka, who is in charge of the matter, he said that if the government land is to be given for other purposes, he has taken possession of the land and issued notices to give it to others for the purpose.