In Chandibazar, the police suddenly arrived at night and there was a panic

Jamnagar Dt 23: Some speculators from Jamnagar gathered at Chandibazar Chowk in the town last night with the intention of making money for the last time before the day of counting of votes.

The counting of votes for the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation election was held today after it was held on Sunday. The election atmosphere was heated after the names of the candidates of the main parties as well as other parties in the 16 wards of the town were announced.

Which candidates from the two main parties as well as how many candidates from the newly emerging party will win? Which party will get how many seats? Which party will win with how many leads? Such deals were started by speculators. Everyday in which different prices were being offered.

Speculators were even more outraged when the turnout was announced, especially after the polls closed on Sunday. A police convoy rushed to Chandibazar last night after receiving information that some speculators had gathered in Chandibazar to make money in the aforesaid deals. Following the sudden arrival of the police, there was a flurry of speculators who were bargaining for last minute prices on the night before the counting. A few minutes ago, where the crowds were seen, a single person was present in a matter of seconds. The rest went to Pobara.