Departure of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation's Dhanvantari Rath to resist Corona: Twelve Raths will travel in the city

The Corona virus epidemic has become a global scourge. Even in Jamnagar, the number of infected patients is increasing day by day. At that time, a total of twelve Dhanvantari Raths were given green light by Jamnagar Municipal Corporation in Jamnagar city area. The chariot will cover 3 different areas of Jamnagar city daily, including two other areas besides its own Arbal Center area. On the occasion of the departure of this Dhanvantari Rath, Mayor Hasmukhbhai Jethwa, Deputy Mayor Karashanbhai Karamur, Chairman of the Standing Committee Subhashbhai Joshi, Commissioner Satish Patel, Ruling Party Leader Divyeshbhai Akbari, Dandak Jadiben Sarvaiya and health department officials of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation were present.