India-France side on the issue of terrorism ઃ Ministry of External Affairs

New delhi date. 29: India expresses support for France's tough stance on terrorism. The Foreign Ministry slammed people for personally criticizing French President Emmanuel Macron and said terrorism could not be tolerated. Last fortnight in the French capital, Paris, an agitated Muslim assassinated a history teacher originally from France. This teacher was telling the children in his class about the cartoon drawn by Hazrat Muhammad Payangbar in 2015. According to another report, the teacher was showing cartoons. So the father of one child was provoked and cut off the teacher's head with a sharp knife. French President Emmanuel Macro visited the history teacher's family and then slammed the incident, calling it Islamic terrorism. His stance was slammed by Islamic countries, and some Muslim leaders around the world protested against calling the incident a terrorist act. Now India has expressed support for France and expressed the view that terrorism cannot be accepted in any form. We support France's action against terrorism.