District Collector Dr. State level award for best performance to Meena and Province Officer Bhetaria

Khambhaliya Dt 22: In a democracy, the voters are paramount. Elections are considered a feast of democracy in the country. Voters vote and eligible voters are registered, voter awareness is a basic requirement of a healthy democracy.

In India, the Electoral Commission conducts periodic voter list reform programs. In which various operations have been facilitated online for the voters starting from e-epic card using technology.

This is Devbhoomi Dwarka district. In Devbhoomi Dwarka district, the best work of the voter list reform campaign is being done. For the best performance in the voter list reform program in the state, the district election officer and collector Dr. Narendra Kumar Meena and Dwarka Assembly constituency and Nihar Bhetaria, the provincial officer, have been awarded as the best voter registration officer in the state.

According to the voter list special brief reform campaign in Devbhoomi Dwarka district, Collector Dr. Under the guidance of Narendra Kumar Meena, a record-breaking 27,85 forms were filled and more than 26,317 voters were added in the district. As part of the four-Sunday special abbreviated voter list reform drive, a large number of people went to BLOs at 356 polling stations in the district on the last Sunday to change their names and addresses and add young voters. A total of 9,85 forms were received for record-breaking, of which 10,60 forms were received in 61-Khambhaliya and 17,8 forms in 32-Dwarka for adding names, while a total of 24,8 forms were received for 41-Khambhaliya and 18 M forms in 42-Dwarka. Forms were found to reduce the name. 12 forms were found online. Form no. 29,317 forms of 3 were solved out of which 10.8 forms were received in the age group of 18-17. Form No. received for the new voter. In 9, it was 75%.

Newly registered young voters will be able to exercise their franchise for the first time in the upcoming local body elections after disposing of claims and objections of all forms received under the Electoral Roll Reform Campaign.

Considering the epidemic of Kovid-12, it is necessary to reduce the contact. In this situation, the technosavvy youth class must make maximum use of the online platform. As many as eight webinars were organized for the students studying in the colleges in the district and their families to get the necessary guidance to add or subtract the names in the electoral roll.

Posters were put up to make voters aware of the voter reform program. Banners were put up at Dwarkadhish temple, bus stand as well as public places, various government offices as well as polling booths as well as publicity through press lists by the Information Department.

The digital platform has been used by the Deputy District Electoral Officer, other officials, employees, sector officers as well as BLOs to reach out to the maximum number of people, especially the youth, through social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and in the States. The Election Commission's website and online water portal were used by educated youth to fill up online forms.

A district level celebration of National Voters' Day was held in Devbhoomi Dwarka district on January 21, 2012 which received a great response.

Under Digital India, the election card has also gone digital. In Devbhoomi Dwarka district, e-Epic was launched by the Election Commission on the National Voters' Day on January 20 to enable newly registered young voters to download their election cards in digital format. Will be able to download and save digitally. Devbhoomi Dwarka district has a total of 52 young voters with unique mobile numbers. Out of them, so far 238 voters have done e-epic downloads. For more information, the district's toll free helpline number 1950 is also contacted.

The involvement of a large number of new voters plays an important role in moving the country forward under youth leadership. This matter was also continuously prioritized by the Collector during this whole process. Strong leadership as well as conscientious officers are needed to strengthen the country. The sincere and inspiring role of Devbhoomi Dwarka Collector Dr. Played by Narendra Kumar Meena. Has inspired others as well

- Writing: Usha Kotak

Assistant Director of Information-Devbhoomi Dwarka