The amount withdrawn from the bank account due to fraud was returned by the cyber cell

Jamnagar Dt 29: Three weeks ago, Rs. An amount of Rs 1.5 lakh was stolen. The cyber cell, which immediately informed the police, took drastic action to stop the payment from the bank and saved most of the money of the young man. Cyber ​​cell has played an important role in getting that amount back to their bank account.

Revanth Kumar, a foreign youth living in Jalaraam Society-2, Dwarka, lost his bank account on. On 8-10-20 Rs. Rewanth Kumar was shocked when he received a message on his mobile that the amount of Rs 1,3,8 had been withdrawn.

He said that an unknown person had withdrawn the above amount from his account. Contacting the police immediately, SP Sunil Joshi instructed Devbhoomi Dwarka District Cyber ​​Crime Cell to investigate. Chavda and staff were on the move.

The police corresponded with the bank and started technical research. It was found that some payment was made from the bank and most of it was outstanding. It was therefore instructed to withhold the remaining payment. So that this Assamese Rs. 1,31,8 have survived. The amount has been returned to Revanth Kumar's bank account through the efforts of Cyber ​​Cell.