Drunk liquor collected from a hotel room in the village of Nakta Powariya

Jamnagar Dt 13: Police seize a quantity of English liquor from a hotel room near Nakta Pavariya village in Lalpur. The manager of the hotel is reported to have been selling liquor there, and a man from Shapar village has been hit with thirty pieces of liquor.

The PSI BS of Lalpur Police Station on Saturday learned of the sale of English liquor at a hotel in Nakta Pavariya village in Lalpur taluka. A stack of English liquor was found in a plastic box in the side room where the staff and staff were raiding a hotel called Ganesh. Police opened the box and found 3 large bottles of different brands of whiskey and two smaller bottles. Police said. Has seized a liquor quantity of Rs.35,000.

With this amount, the manager of the hotel, a resident of Vachlabara village in Khambhaliya taluka and now Chetan Singh Sadbha Rathore, who lives in Dabasang in Lalpur, has been arrested. This person has confessed to taking the above amount from the people of Maharaj village of Khilleri village in Sanchor district of Rajasthan. Police have registered crimes against both.

A police convoy rushed to the satellite society on the Ranjit Sagar Road in Jamnagar on Saturday afternoon to inform them of a drunkenness of English liquor. The bottle was found. The bottle is a green city street no. Nikhil Rameshbhai, who lives in 9, used to give to Bakraniya. Police have arrested both men and seized bottles and scooters.

Dharmendra Singh Polubha Jadeja, a resident of the Sikka Housing Board, passed through the Shapar village on the Jamnagar-Khambhaliya Highway yesterday evening. Police have arrested Dharmendra Singh and arrested him.

On the way to the bank of the canal from Jamnagar's windmill circle, a man named Akash Parashbhai Lehriu alias Chhipa Bhanuwald, who was abducted yesterday evening with a bottle of liquor, has been arrested.

Digvijay Plot Area Street No. A motorcycle named GJ-10-CJ-4535 passed near Charanes in the 4th last night. Police searched for a man named Dharmendra Parashbhai Bhatt, a chamber colony near his driver's Andhrams. Police seized a motorcycle and a bottle of liquor from his possession.