The name of the passenger can now be changed in the confirmed ticket of the train

New rule of IRCTC:

New delhi date. 29: In view of the festive season, parcel trains are being run except for some special trains. It is difficult to say when the railway department will be able to function properly again, but if you book a ticket at this time, you can now change the name of the passenger on a confirmed ticket based on the new rules. This requires some processes and documents.

When booking online, it often happens that people make a mistake in entering the name of the passenger. You cannot travel at this time and the ticket has to be canceled.

Sometimes it happens that if you have booked a ticket, but the travel plan has changed, at this point you think that if someone else can travel on your ticket, then it will be possible.

According to the new rules of IRCTC, from now on you can travel with family members on your confirmed ticket. This will require changing the name of the passenger.

IRCTC offers this facility to passengers. He will be able to change the name of the passenger on his confirmed ticket. This change can only be made once. So find out how you can change the name of a passenger on your confirmed ticket. Keep in mind that the name of the passenger can be changed from the reservation counter 24 hours before the train departure. Then this work cannot be done.