Bhanwad: Bajaj Finance's lure - traders falling victim to fraudulent offers

Bhanwad Dt 1. Bajaj Finance has announced special cashback schemes for customers on 12-12-16, 20-2-20 and 6-7-20 through merchants selling mobile, TV, fridge and other items. Under this scheme, traders charge Rs. From the customer for insurance, Bajaj card, scheme etc. 2000 to Rs. 2500 was recovered. Now, more than seven months later, Bajaj Finance has not reimbursed the cashback scheme. So consumers are collecting from traders and small big fights are happening. Merchants are having trouble opening shops and doing business. So far, only five customers have received 1,000 vouchers.

Traders of Bhanwad's mobile and electronics items have sent an application to the district collector seeking appropriate action against the company over the issue.