Lockdown re-imposed in France

Corona's second wave is dangerous

Paris Dt 29. French President Emmanuel Macron has decided to re-lock the country in view of Corona. They say another outbreak of the corona virus could be more dangerous. If strict measures are not taken, the death toll could reach 3 lakh.

The lockdown will start on Friday and will last till December 1, 2020. The country will get a little more relaxation than the previous lockdown implemented. But at this point schools, public services and offices can continue. Those who leave will have to keep documents with them so that they realize that they have left for the necessary work. The police will take care of this. Restaurants will be closed again in the lockdown.

In France, the corona virus has re-emerged. Four people have been killed in France in the last three hours. This figure is the highest since April. In the last 3 hours, 216 new cases have come here. Between Monday and Tuesday, the number of cases in France increased by 114. An emergency meeting has also been called in view of President Macro Corona.