Ministry of Electronics-NIC does not have information on who created Arogya Setu app! ઃ Pollenpol in Modi government

New delhi date. 29: The Central Information Commission has sent a reasoned notice to the Central Public Information Officers of the National Informatics Center, National e-Governance Division and the Ministry of Information Technology. The notice was issued to avoid a reply to a Right to Information petition filed by Central Public Information Officers regarding the construction of the health bridge, Livelo reported.

The notice was sent to the Central Information Commission following a complaint lodged by petitioner Sourav Das. Sourav said in his complaint that the National NIC, the National e-Governance Division and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had not provided information on the process of building the health bridge, files related to its construction, etc. Apart from this, no information has been given as to who gave input in creating the app and auditing whether the personal data of the users will be misused. In response to Das's RTI, NIC said it had no information about the app's creation. Credit is given to NIC as the developer of the app, while the national e-governance said the information was not related to its department, while the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology told central public information officials that no explanation could be given for where the application was found. . The ministry also said it could not say how the app was created, according to Livelo. Apart from this, he has said that he does not have any information about its construction. The ministry can only say that this app has been developed as per the instructions in the policy commission.

The Central Information Commission called the answer highly inconsistent. The commission has asked why they should not be penalized under section 20 of the RTI Act for withholding information for not responding. The commission has given time till November 26 to reply to the notice.