Eventually the decision to convene a general meeting of the Khambhaliya Palika: Discussion on the agenda

The General Board will meet in the first week of November

Khambhaliya Dt 29: Due to tension and lack of coordination among the members of the ruling group in Khambhaliya Palika, seven general meetings of the Palika have been held in five years and finally no general meeting has been held for more than 240 days and resolutions are passed to pass development works in the general session. Following repeated press reports about the status quo and the suspension of work, the ruling party had planned to hold a general meeting in the first week of November to discuss the items on the agenda. In which the president of the corporation Shwetaben Shukla and members were present.

As many as 24 resolutions will be placed in the board: will other issues come from the presidency?

If the term of the corporation is to be completed in a month, perhaps this is the last general meeting to be held, arrangements have been made to take about 24-30 issues in the agenda. In which many important planning for development works have been prepared under the leadership of Shwetaben Shukla. These include repairing roads from grants, approving tenders, placing new statues of Gandhiji near Jodhpur Gate, constructing artistic gates at various places in the city and setting up amusement parks. TV And to keep water cooler, to make town hall CC road and divider from four lanes, to make highway four lanes from Milan four lanes and town hall CC from Khamnath bridge. Construction of roads, construction of indogame sports buildings in the city, construction of swimming pools for the citizens, purchase of new ambulances, purchase of necessary equipment for video conferencing and online virtual meeting, decision on development works submitted by members of the corporation To approve, 45 ho.p. for ghee dam. It has been planned to purchase a motor, keep security service in the municipal garden, plan for 15th Finance Commission, plan various development works in Swarmim Jayanti Gujarat scheme. If this is planned, all the issues of Khambhaliya city will be solved. Citizens are having high hopes for this general meeting.

The issue of corruption was discussed in the meeting of the members of the ruling group of Khambhaliya Palika!

At present, there are allegations of corruption in the Khambhaliya Palika by the Opposition and the city leaders in the picketing and public awareness programs, meetings and speeches as well as in the press list. During the recent general meeting of the Khambhaliya Palika, the members also discussed with the President. The issue was also raised.

A member of the corporation said in the midst of all, "Every day, the opposition and the leaders say that there is corruption in the corporation, so openly discuss who has committed corruption." He should disclose in public or prove that these allegations are baseless. However, such open talk of this conscious member of the corporation has also had dark repercussions. If there is no corruption in the municipality then why there is no explanation? And if corruption does not happen then why do poor things happen? Why strict action is not taken against those who do poor work. These questions are also being discussed in the city.