Acharyu scam of selling parki land in Bat-Dwarka

Okha Dt. 30: A conscious citizen, including the Chief Minister, has made a representation at a high level that the land of a committee of Gandhinagar in Bat-Dwarka of Okhamandal has been sold by two persons after plotting in it claiming to be theirs.

Aware citizen of Bat-Dwarka, Ibrahim Elias Khuresh, had submitted to the Chief Minister that two persons had offered to sell some of their lands in Bat-Dwarka in Okhamandal of Devbhoomi Dwarka district as their own. In which, according to them, two persons named Vijay Chaturthadas Kapadi and Bhagwat Prasad Gentilal Padh plotted in the black farm space in Bat and made a deal by promising to clear the title and make a lined document.

About 50 to 6 people from Bat-Dwarka who are uneducated and have come to trust Rs. He decided to give money piecemeal in 4 articles. In this way Rs. Fifty lakh was collected. Some of them were also given writing on stamp paper.

Ibrahim Khureshi, one of the people who bought the plot, started the construction work, claiming that the land belonged to Swami Yogananda Shikshan Samiti-Gandhinagar. Gaya is mentioned in the release. It is learned that Ibrahim Khurashi had threatened to kill the two men when they asked about it.