Shreya Ghoshal's Lyric Concert: Audiences Wrap Up With Songs

Jamnagar MP, who holds a prominent position in the Medical College of India A festive concert of the celebrated singer Shreya Ghoshal was organized on Saturday following the arrangement of Mega-Reunion-2R by Shah Medical College. The audience flocked to Hindi-Gujarati songs one after the other. A Shreya Ghoshal music concert was held in the Swaminarayan Gurukul grounds on Airport Road last Saturday. Even in the bitter cold, the field was full of housemates. Shreya Ghoshal and accompanying Hindi film singer Tushar Joshi performed the film songs one by one. In which the audience woke up Afrin. For about two and a half hours, Shreya Ghoshal kept the people engaged through her songs. In some songs, people danced and danced. The God-like doctors above the earth, who were immediately counted after the Lord, enjoyed this music concert. Jamnagar MP Poonambane Madam, Reliance Dhanrajbhai Nathwani, M.P. Vipinbhai Shah of the Shah family also raised the enthusiasm of the organizers by attending the event. The entire program was beautifully organized by members of the Reunion Committee. On this occasion, Dean of the Medical College. Dr. Nandini Desai, Organizing Committee Dr. Victory Parrot, Dr. Virani, Dr. D.K. Shah, Dr. Jj Ojha, Dr. KS Dr. Maheshwari Ruparelia, Dr. Nilesh Gadhvi, medical delegates from across the country and abroad, medical college students, eminent physicians from all over the city, invited guests were present in large numbers. Thus the program was becoming memorable. (Photo: Nirmal Kariya)