All Khawas caste Davalsha Fali student honors ceremony postponed

Jamnagar Dt. 30: All Khawas Caste Davalsha Fali Department, Jamnagar's annual Student Honors Ceremony has been postponed due to the current global epidemic like Corona and students will be given educational kits at Davalsha Fali Wadi. In which students submit their marksheet dt. Tokens will have to be obtained by depositing in the office of Davalsha Fali between 4 pm and 6 pm by 20-2-2020. The educational kit will be distributed from the farm this year. J Ta. 1-4-20 to date. Tokens will be given in the evening till 5-6-2020. In which the social distance must be complied with, said the chairman of the education committee Sagar K. Rathore and President Arvind Chauhan have said.