The dull atmosphere seen in the election of Khambhaliya municipality

Khambhaliya Dt 23: Even though there are only counting days left for the polls in Khambhaliya municipal elections, there is no political heat anywhere in the city and there is a very dull atmosphere among the people.

Enthusiastic candidates are campaigning door-to-door in some wards of Khambhaliya. So no one turned up in the rest of the ward! Voters are also giving assurances to candidates who are constantly working, "You don't push."

Ward arrangement-scam

The ward structure of Khambhaliya Palika is such that the candidates do not understand anything. The area near Por Gate is in ward no.

Doddham for crossvoting

With cross-voting taking place in some wards in Khambhaliya Palika, both the BJP and the Congress are winning in the same ward by consensus.