Arrested with three live cartridges of hand-made pistols

Jamnagar Dt 13: Police have seized handmade pistols and three live cartridges from the possession of a person from Madhya Pradesh passing between Vasai to Saramat village on Jamnagar-Khambhalia highway.

During the combing conducted by Shard Singhal of the district police station, some persons in Jamnagar district have been arrested following the order made by district policewoman Sharad Singhal to search for and seize the weapons. The watch was adjusted from the tip of the gun. Meanwhile, a hand-made pistol was recovered from the possession of the victim, who was stopped on suspicion by Mahesh Lalubhai Tomar, a resident of Umaravada village in Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh, who passed through the road towards Vasai to Saramat village. In which three live cartridges were loaded. Police said. 3 pistols and ammunition seized. The man has been booked under the Arms Act and where he obtained the weapon, he has sought remand for answering unanswered questions. The prosecution included PSI K.R. This was done by Sisodia and the staff.