21st National Conference of Indian Lions

Gandhinagar Dt 23: The 21st National Conference of the Indian Lions was held at Chotila. About 120 guests were welcomed by the club working in Rajkot and Morbi.

Newly-appointed Chairperson Ashaben Pandya announced her new team after the formal proposal to extend the term of the current Chairperson for the year 2021 was ratified. The team was sworn in by founder Kaushikbhai. Ashaben Pandya, Kaushikbhai Bumiya, Chief Patron E.L. Hiteshbhai and other dignitaries delivered occasional speeches. Rekhaben Chatterjee, Kaushikbhai Tank, Dhirajbhai Surelia, Vijayaben Kataria, Vanrajbhai Garia, Shobhanaba Zala etc. made efforts to make the planning a success.