In town two caught with liqour bottle

Jamnagar Dt 02: Police from Ranjitnagar and Pancheshwar tower area of ​​Jamnagar have arrested two persons with two bottles of English liquor.

A bottle of English liquor was found in his possession by a police convoy of Patrolling, who was staying in the Digvijay plot from a Patel community in the Ranjit Nagar area of ​​Jamnagar on Saturday night. Police have confessed to having taken the bottle from Ketan Vasantbhai Gori, who lives in Hinglaj Chowk in Digvijay Plot 1, after questioning the possession of the bottle. Police have launched a search for Ketan.

Police arrested a man named Dilip Karabhai alias Raja Parmar, who was staying near Baini Wadi near Nilakanthanagar in Jamnagar last night.