An application was sent to the police by a young woman who had committed atrocities against the nephew of the corporator

Jamnagar Dt. 30: A young woman from a town has sent a shocking application to the police against a BJP Nagar Sevak of a ward in Jamnagar and his nephew and nephew. In which, the nephew of the town servant has taken her to different places and repeatedly committed atrocities. An inquiry has been launched into the matter.

According to the petition, the girl was studying with the nephew of the town servant when she was introduced to the two. According to the girl, she was lured into marriage and then taken to a different guest house or other place where she was molested.

Controversy has erupted after the nephew of the town servant went back after promising to marry the girl. There was also talk of giving her lakhs of rupees amidst the controversy over her insistence on marriage. But the young woman has not succumbed to the temptation and has filed a petition against the misdeed committed against her. In which he has also stated that the misdeeds committed by the youth and the town servant and his nephew had pushed him.