Heavy rains amid thunderstorms in Halar including Jamnagar

Three inches of rain fell in one hour in Kalawad: 21 mm in the town

Jamnagar Dt 30: Heavy rains have arrived in Jamnagar between Meghadbandhar and Jamnagar at half past noon. Megharaja arrived in Jamnagar with a bang just minutes after the sky became dark. Many areas of the city were flooded. People have also been relieved in the heat due to the rains. It is still raining.

Hadiyana in Jodia taluka is receiving heavy rains with thunderstorms. With the arrival of rains with strong winds, the atmosphere has become colder and people have been relieved from the heat, the roads have been flooded. The power supply has been disrupted. There have been reports of scattered rains in Dwarka and surrounding rural areas since this afternoon.

Heavy thunderstorms are also falling in Khambhaliya. Amidst the thunder and lightning, an atmosphere has been created where the rain has taken the form of thunder. Heavy rains have flooded the area. The cold has spread as the weather has changed and a sudden downpour has broken out.

 Thirty-two mm of rain fell in Dhrol panth of Jamnagar district this morning. As good as the rain was. A light gust of one and a half inches of rain fell in some rural areas across the Halar district. Rainy weather prevailed yesterday, but it was not cloudy, although some villages were lashed by rains.

In which one and a half inch (20 mm) rain was recorded in Lakhabawal. While 5 mm in Jamwadi, 12 mm in Vansajalia, 5 mm in Dhunda, 4 mm in Pardwa. And five mm in Bhangor. It rained.

Meanwhile, 72 mm of rain fell in Dhrol of Jamnagar district this morning. And 3 mm in twins. It rained. And there is still a glorious atmosphere. While it is expected to rain by noon. Villages including Gangavav on Ranjit Sagar Road in Jamnagar are now receiving reports of rains. So in Devbhoomi Dwarka district, in Salaya, Khambhaliya panth, one to one and a half inches of good rain fell. Farmers in Salaya district in particular were happy after a long period of rains.

The rain system will come from Porbandar to Khambhaliya by tonight, said a weather analyst.