Road widening work will be carried out in Khambhaliya

Khambhaliya Dt 30: Khambhaliya municipality in urban area seat no. 12/1 City Survey no. 35, Station Road, S.T. GVJ on Bus Stand Road. In front of the high school, near the old Adarsh ​​residential school and Kumar hostel, approximately sq.m. Collector Devbhoomi Dwarka has been appointed to widen the road for the municipality. At the suggestion of Assistant Collector Dinesh Ramesh Guru for the purpose of widening the road at this place, the Chief Officer of Khambhaliya Municipality A.K. Gadhvi, P.I. of Khambhaliya city. G.R. Gadhvi, Mamlatdar K.G. Lukka, City Survey Office Officer Pandyaji and Staff Municipal Engineer N.R. In the presence of Nandaniya and municipal staff as well as police staff. ST of 24-2-20. The old room and the existing old compound wall on the roundabout leading to the depot were removed. Soon after its removal, the work of widening the road as well as construction of compound wall will be undertaken by the municipality.