Elder chariot will be held for five years: Meeting will be held tonight on celebration

Jamnagar Dt 13: Jamnagar Jalaram Seva Trust (HAPA), Prabhudas Khimji Kotecha Annakshetra Hall, Jalram Temple (Hapa) ​​administered by Vandana Chariot for 5 years. Completing on 17-1-2020 days.

On the same day, Pujya Jalaram Bapas started the evergreen in Virpur three years ago.Dt.17-1-2020. From 12 to 1pm, Kishdi-Prasad will be distributed at 200 places at Jalarambapa's Prasadhi Swarup.

As well as honoring one thousand elders, special honors of 3 elders have been planned from 4 to 7pm.

In this regard, meeting of Jalaram temple (Hapa) ​​activists, Jalaram devotees. It is kept at Lohan Mahajan Wadi near Pancheshwar Tower a t8.30 pm on 13-1-2020. Rameshbhai Dattani has requested that every service worker be present at the meeting.