Study of the exercise to secure Jamnagar immediately in any situation

Tight security arranged by the police

LCB PI KG in Jamnagar from yesterday on the orders of district police chief Deepan Bhadran. Chaudhary and SOG PI S.S. Under the leadership of Ninama, intensive checking has been started by all the police staff of the city on the main roads as well as the roads connected to Jamnagar city and towards the highway. In a cycle similar to a mock drill, a study program has been started in Jamnagar to cultivate vigilance as soon as possible in case of any such untoward incident i.e. in how many minutes the city can be locked. Under this, police has been deployed in the main roads and streets of Jamnagar city since last evening. Police are searching most of the vehicles. Motor or other freight vehicles are being intensively tested. Under the intensive guidance of City DYSP Nitesh Pandey, the police have become vigilant and are keeping the exercise intact.