Crimes against fishermen registering boats on the basis of false documents

Jamnagar Dt 29: A fisherman from Okha repaired a boat he bought five years ago and made it bigger. Crimes have been reported.

In Devbhoomi Dwarka district, which is considered to be the last and most sensitive state of Gujarat, security is maintained in terms of security and Dwarka is also known as a famous pilgrimage site. Meanwhile, Devbhoomi Dwarka SOGA is keeping a close watch on all fishing boats off the coast of Dwarka.

Last week, the SOG came to know about the registration of a boat in Salaya in Khambhaliya taluka. Since then, Devbhoomi Dwarka SOG has taken action against one more boat yesterday. A small boat was purchased five years ago by a fisherman named Allarkha Jummabhai Bhesaliya alias Lakhabhai, who lives in the Chhapra area of ​​Rupen port in Dwarka.

The boat was then repaired and enlarged. Although the boat was not registered under the name Al-Nawaz-Ali, a board with that name was affixed to the new boat and the IND-GJ-10-MM-406 number was registered with the Fisheries Department.

After that fishing started in this boat. On 16-09-17, the boat was renamed as Khwaja-ka-karam and the IND-GJ-10-MM-303 number was kept unchanged and registered in the fisheries department. The above matter came to the notice of SOG yesterday. Ashok Savani himself became the complainant and lodged a complaint against Allarkha alias Lakha Jumma Bhesalia at the Okha Marine Police Station alleging that he had applied for the same in his own name by presenting false documents as genuine and had been fishing from the boat for two years. An offense has been registered against this person under IPC 4, 5, 21, 7, 120 (b).