Rajkot, Amreli, Junagadh and Gir Somnath districts received one to two and a half inches of rain

Megharaja's arrival in Saurashtra

Jamnagar Dt. 30: Megharaja has entered Saurashtra since yesterday and there are reports of one to two and a half inches of rain in Rajkot, Junagadh, Amreli, Gir Somnath districts. While Halar has been covered with black debong clouds since this morning, there are heavy blizzards, but the rain is not pouring down. However, there have been scattered showers or two-five minute showers.

Rajkot city has received one inch of rain. The maximum rainfall of four inches was recorded in Gondal. One to one and a half inches of rain fell in Lathi, Rajula, Jafrabad of Amreli district. Apart from Gondal in Rajkot district, one inch of rain has fallen in Jamkandora, half an inch in Lodhika, half an inch in Jetpur, Chotila and half an inch in Kotda Sangani.

In Junagadh and Gir Somnath panth, one inch of rain has been recorded in Manavadar, one inch in Keshod, one inch in Vanthali, one inch in Talala, half an inch in Mendrada and half an inch in Junagadh city.

Apart from this, one to two inches of rain has fallen in various taluka panths of thirteen districts of Gujarat. As per the forecast of Meteorological Department, Dat. Heavy rains have been forecast in Gujarat-Saurashtra from June 24.