Farmers do not believe so how to confuse ...? Video viral

Gurugram Dt 23: BJP workers also expressed their views in a meeting called for dialogue on agricultural laws in Haryana. The alleged video of the meeting is going viral. In which a BJP worker is asking his office bearers, "Farmers who are opposing the agricultural law are not ready to listen to us, and they are not listening to the arguments that the agricultural law is in the interest of the farmers, so they have to be misled, but how to mislead ...?" "

Gurugram BJP's Haryana state president O.P. Dhankhad, Sports Minister Sandeep Singh and Hisar MP Brajendra Singh are also claimed to be present. According to media reports, the video was shared on social media by Congress spokesperson Surjewala, who wrote, "BJP workers and their party leaders are asking ministers how to fool the farmers and clearly the farmers do not believe the government's arguments." This is the real face of the BJP. "