A fire broke out after a transformer exploded in Mayurpark

Sparks flying in the parking lot Machi Doddham :.

Jamnagar Dt. 30: A power transformer at Mayur Park, behind Mehul Cinemax in Jamnagar, exploded, sparking a fire in the parking lot of a travels next to the sparks.

The power company's transformer near Mayur Park, located on the back road between Jamnagar's Samarpan Circle and Mehul Cinema, exploded for some reason this afternoon. The fire broke out in the bus parking lot of a private firm called Harsiddhi Travels near the spark.

The fire sparked a fire in some of the belongings in the barn, which was reportedly rushed by a fire brigade convoy. Firefighters fired a water cannon to contain the blaze. The damage caused by the fire could not be ascertained. The power supply to the entire area was disrupted after a sudden loud bang was heard in the area. The fire brigade started extinguishing the fire amidst plumes of smoke in the sky caused by the sparks and the team of the incoming power company also started trying to restore the electricity.