Only 6 out of 5600 farmers reached 264 market yards in Jamnagar district

Jamnagar Dt. 29: The process of purchasing groundnuts at support price by the state government has been started, but still not a small number of farmers are coming to the yard with groundnuts. Yesterday, 5300 farmers were called in 4 yards of the district. But only 3 farmers came.

The state government has started buying groundnuts at support prices from last Monday. But it is still not getting enough response. Farmers are selling groundnuts in the open market instead of the support price, as they are getting higher prices.

Yesterday, one thousand each were found in Hapa, Dhrol, Jodia, Lalpur and Jamjodhpur market yards and 200 in Kalawad market yard. A total of 200 farmers were called by message. But in all the six yards, a total of 9 farmers came with peanuts. Their peanuts were bought 1530 times. In Hapam, it is 4060 times for 4 farmers, in Dhrol it is 200 times from 35 farmers, in Jodia it is 240 times from four farmers, in Kalawad it is 5000 times from 104 farmers, in Lalpur it is 240 times from 6 farmers and in Jamjodhpur yard it is 560 times.