Submission to the Collector regarding opening of containment zone in Jamnagar

Jamnagar Dt 22: There are about one thousand houses in Ghanchiwad, Ghanchi Khadki, Jambudi Masjid, Mulla Madi, Lindi Bazar, Noori Park, Nadipa, Dhangio of Langhawad in Jamnagar. These areas are nearing completion. And the transit individuals in the containment area who have been exempted from the quarantine and have not shown any symptoms of the corona yet the containment zone has not been opened.

With the holy festival of Ramzan Eid coming up in the coming days, a demand has been made to open the containment zone as soon as possible. Aslam Khilji, a 19-year-old Congress corporator and former Leader of the Opposition, has made a demand to the District Collector.