Elderly Acharya wakes up in Panchdevada of Kalavad

Jamnagar Dt 29: In the rural panth of Kalawad, the ink of the incident of gangrape on a young woman eighty days ago has not dried yet. In this case, which has embarrassed the education world, a principal, who is over eighty-five, has lodged a complaint with the police for asking a ten-year-old student to pass with good marks. Police have arrested the accused.

Went to Kalawad panth. Police on Tuesday arrested three members of a gang known as the Ganji Gang in Madhya Pradesh and a law-abiding teenager in connection with the gang-rape of a 14-year-old girl on the night of May 30. While the matter is still under discussion, another incident in Kalawad rural diocese has brought disrepute.

The case came to light after Babu Nathabhai Sanghani, a principal of a government school in Panch Devda village in Kalavad taluka, asked a ten-year-old girl to stop at a place on Monday to give her a good mark.

As most of the schools are currently closed due to Corona, Babu Sanghani, the principal of a government school in Panch Deola, started teaching students at another person's house in Panch Deola. The man, who is about 55 years old and holds a prestigious position like Acharya, had an affair with a girl his granddaughter or granddaughter's age.

Babu Sanghani stopped a ten-year-old boy after he gave leave to other students to go home from the place where the students had gathered to study last Monday. The frightened student tried to run away by turning her hand on the body of the girl who became a beast saying that she would give you a good mark. After the girl reached her home, her family informed the family. The family lodged a complaint with the Taluka Education Officer and the BRC against the principal. The Kalawad village police have arrested Acharya Babu Sanghani. The case has sparked controversy with Araraty.