Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai is Rupani and will remain Rupani ઃ C.R. Patil

Limbdi had to clarify in public to end the controversy

Limbdi Dt 29: State BJP President C.R. Patil clarified in a public meeting in Limbdi that Gujarat Chief Minister Vijaybhai Rupani is and will remain.

State Cold War between Chief Minister and State - BJP President State BJP President C.R. Patil clarified by putting a complete pause in Limbdi's public meeting. He said that Vijay Rupani is the Chief Minister and will remain the Chief Minister in future also. In a public meeting, Chief Minister Rupani slammed the BJP government for its pro-people activities.

The Chief Minister said that the Central Government has taken an important decision for the farmers by passing the Agriculture Bill. When did Mahatma Gandhi's Congress end? This is Rahul Gandhi's Congress. Congress opposed it when we enacted the law on thugs. Are gangsters the cousins ​​of Congress ...?

On the other hand, the presence of former MP Devji Fatehpara, who had turned left against the BJP after the Lok Sabha ticket was cut, came as a surprise to the BJP itself. Fatehpara did not find a place on the stage when the meeting started, but was called to the stage after seeing the Chief Minister. Earlier, a court had sentenced Devji Fatehpara to three years in jail in a check return case.

Uncle trapped between brother and brother: Rajiv Satav

Poor 'Kaka' is being crushed in the battle of 'Bhau' and 'Bhai', while Rajiv, the Congress in-charge of Gujarat, is touring for the seventh state by-election campaign. Meanwhile, he said that poor uncle was being crushed in the battle of 'Bhau' and 'Bhai'. The Congress in-charge said this to BJP-President C.R. Patil and Chief Minister Vijay Rupani are fighting and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Bhai Patel has hinted that he is feeling confused.